ZDF Berlin Interview, Yvette Mattern


Three voices in my head, curated by Shaheen Merali



Upcoming Exhibition

Three voices in my head

Vernissage: Saturday 17th of April 2010,

7 pm Exhibition: 18th of April to 14th of Mai 2010

Artists: Gregg LeFevre, Yvette Mattern, Ulrich Volz

Curated by Shaheen Merali.

Voices, noises, causes, poses, losses – all seem to be a set of propelling narrative paradigms, potential characteristics which may allow access to the work that has emerged within the contemporary.

Yvette Mattern will present a series of new works collectively entitled:  ‘Seven rays of coloured light in a white cube’ that results from her further contemplation on the experiential nature of her large scale laser installation ‘Global Rainbow’ which premiered in New York City over the fallen Trade Center Towers and the Brooklyn Bridge in 2009.  In 2010 the Global Rainbow manifested as ‘From One to Many’ opening the 10th anniversary Transmediale Festival in Berlin. The lasers traversed beyond a 3km trajectory, sweeping the skyline of the city originating near the Reichstag and boldly cutting past the TV Tower toward eastern Europe.

The Global Rainbow has been described as a work that manifests inclusion and diversity even a Utopian call for peace between divisions. As a shared experience the work attempts to successfully question idealized views of nature held commonly in urban societal values. While the work may resemble nature or a natural phenomenon, it is manifestly man made.  Upon seeing it, in an urban context of clashing values and abrupt changes, it provides a sense of connectedness ; the work is an imaginary evocation, an enchantment in the environment which creates a beneficial sensuality and an act or even a  symbol of the restoration of faith in human nature. The laser installation acts as a visual reconnection to the redemptive values of the transcendentalists in its sublime ephemeral notation.